Informatica Security Solutions

Canada's Largest Selection of Hybrid Cybersecurity Solutions

What is Hybrid Cyber?

Informatica is an advocate of technology as an enabler of business. Companies that rely exclusively on security run the risk of a false sense of security. Dependence on human resources limits capacity and hinders scalability. Informatica's hybrid cybersecurity solutions innovate to combine the best of all worlds.

Security Expertise

Informatica's Certified Risk Advisors™ offer data protection advisory, professional integration and project management to protect people, process and technology.

Security Products

Informatica's Verify Audit Portal™ is the best way to centralize access to security tools and resources including continuous Verify™ security scanning, WorkLife™ eLearning & VirtualCISO™.

Security Education

Informatica's WorkLife Learning™ provides structured workplace education year-round, from management workshops and board level seminars to employee awareness & IT certification.